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Fast Checkout - Now Available

We've 'speedied' up your checkout process on our website.. fi you just want to order and fast and are not fussed about logging in, well now you can. Just check out using our Guest Checkout.

Of course you're far better to spend 2 minutes seeing up an account.. it means you'll see specials others can't, you'll be able to refer back to your orders and download invoices as you wish and collect reward points ... 1 point = $1 as you shop..

But, that's up to you!

Viruses & The Mac

What's a Virus on a Mac? Well, in short, the Mac is not threatened by viruses, spyware and other nasties that plague the windows world. Almost all viruses are programmed to exploit security holes in Microsoft Windows. 
The operating system the Mac uses is far more robust.

The questions we're asked a lot then is 'do you need security and anti-virus software your Mac'. The short answer no. Unless of course your company requires it in which case although your Mac cannot be affected by them, you can pass them on in your email for example. Your Mac already has very advanced intrusion detection software built into it and very powerful features that simply 'do their thing' and don't bother you all day every day.

Increasingly, in a world where anti-virus software is so well known and the companies that manufacture it, [ much in the same way as anti-smoking medications that prey on the placebo effect do ], create a demand when it's not there implying that you must p…

MacBook Pro - Nationwide Price Slash

We've done the research and today we're happy to announce the very best pricing available from an Apple Authorised Australian dealership in the country.

We're doing this to give you a viable option for big savings and to deter you from buying from Grey importers such as Kogan who are not authorised to sell Apple product importing their units for overseas. This not only damages Australian business but means you're not covered by Australian Consumer Law. We'd prefer, as we're sure you would, that your payment stays in Australia and supports Australian business.

In our case, we are required to invest big money into maintaining our industry qualifications and dealer authorisation by contract with Apple. Non-Authirised dealers ignore all of these obligations exploiting loopholes in international law and supplier contracts.

Depending on your response to our pricing, they may be here to stay but certainly until the end of June! So, let's see some solid support!

WWDC - The Rundown.

LEC Port : Up and about at the fairly shiny hour of 2am today up on the North Coast of NSW, to ensure that LE Port have all the latest news and products available on our website ahead of anyone else. So, here's our summary of events.

3am AEST
Starting with a very 'App-Filled' splash screen suggesting a software oriented event which the rumour mills had a 50/50 chance of getting right ; so well done there.

Starts with a very cinematic opening - a kitch comparison of developers likened to migrating animals who pop up in their masses for the WWDC.. all prefaced by birds flying and a terrible landing of an Airbus at some airport in the U.S.

It goes on. Geeks proudly showing their passes - all in slow mo of course. Feeding frenzy commences as these apparent geeks have not eaten since the last WWDC and have just woken from their year long hybernation. Well, the voiceover wasn't David Attenborough, but we get the drift.

So, Tim Cook Apple CEO takes the stage and runs down the…

WWDC : 10 Hours Way

All of the news from the World Wide Developers Conference - ( the good stuff without the fluff ) ill be posted here tomorrow.
As always, we'll be here I the office at 2.45am to find out what we have. New release Macs? Software, iOS etc for sure - but what we really need is an update on a number of lines plus some direction on Mac Mini, MacBook and MacBook Air perhaps?
That said, MacPro has been neglected since 2014 and Intel have their 8th gen processors out now and in to most mainline PC's already.. Apple will of course follow and adopt them, you'd think, but when that is who knows!
There seems to be some chatter around HomePod / AirPods and all things audio.. no doubt we'll hear more about that tomorrow. Stay tuned. It'll all be here.
If there's new product, it'll be on our site by the time you're up and about - so support us and buy from us.. we work hard to have these products online right away!