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iOS 12 Released - Download now...

iOS 12 and tvOS5 have now been released and are available for download via software update on your device under 'settings'. macOS10.14 Mojave due shortly....

Apple Watch 4, iPhones Xs, Xs Max, Xr, Mojave and tvOS ATMOS

...As we sink into our sofa's listening to the mesmerising sound of Johnny Ives voice in his Phone presentation video, wanting to go straight back to bed with a Horlicks, were here to talk some tech stuff aren't we!

Apple Watch Series 4 Released

Watch 4 now features 40mm and 44mm Edge to Edge design - The digital crown now has Haptic feedback, and the GPS / Cell edition has a red ring around the crown now rather that the 'look at me' big reg dot splurged all over the end of it.

50m waterproofing now so even better than the series 3, plus good news, and very unlike Apple, your previous bands will fit the series 4! Nike have introduced a nice new reflective band also in this model to help you be better seen when working out under the cover of darkness... which usually implies you don't want to be seen anyway - still, safety first eh.

The internal speaker is now 50% louder which is great and the Mic has bene moved to improve on audio quality Apple say. The new Series …

Opening Hours Change

From Monday 10th September, our opening hours for our Port Macquarie showroom are changing slightly. We will now be open Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm instead of 6pm.

NBN News : Pre-NBN services disconnection updates.

Many Australian businesses use ‘Special Services’ for multi-line telephony and corporate data network connections, as well as a range of other services. Examples of Special Services include Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN), Business Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) and Ethernet Lite. Like most existing landline phone and internet services, many Special Services will be disconnected, so it’s important customers migrate them before their disconnection date.*
For most businesses, switching these services over is not an automatic process. Your will need to arrange new services before their expected disconnection date, or risk losing access to their services* which may be critical for them.
Due the nature of some of your existing services and associated numbers, it's very important that you allow around 6 months to plan for this change. NBNCo advise that now is the time to start planning.
Please contact us so that we are able to manage these changes for you seamlessly and professio…