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Supercharged Mac Mini up to 5TB and 32GB RAM

Mac Mini has been stealthily going about it's business with minor updates from Apple at semi-regular intervals for years...- and is still very much current model - and there's a reason for that.

If you're a small business [ or even large ] and use servers, or would like to use servers for things like email, file sharing, database sharing, backup, VPN and a host of other uses, then Mac Mini really can fill a void between cheaper NAS based independent devices running complex embedded operating systems giving you limited control if things go wrong, and business grade server systems costing tens of thousands. And because Mac Mini runs the Mac OS [ i.e. UNIX ] it is incredibly stable and secure for whatever task you assign it.

As we're great fans of the Mac Mini here, we offer customisations and knowledge rarely offered by anyone else. We can specifically build a Mini for your purposes with up to 32GB RAM and an enormous 5TB [ total ] storage using the latest 4TB secondary …

AppleCare + 1TB Backup Bundle

AppleCare + 1TB Portable Backup Bundles available NOW! ... We've just launched some special bundles on the website that save you money and stress. We all know how important backup is and most of us have lost data at some point. And we all know we 'should' backup but often don't. Losing a lifetime of family photo's or accounting data is no fun when it happens but so easily avoided. Every day we receive at least one service job that requires data recovery, but it's so easy [ not to mention cheap ], to backup a single computer. Whether you use the Cloud or a physical backup, Apple and Windows have built-in software that automatically does the job for you. So, we've now launched a special bundle on iMac, MacBook and MacBook Pro giving you the option of peace of mind with a 3 year extended Apple warranty plus a portable 1TB backup drive bundled together to save you even more. Find them on the website under AppleCare options with those products. https://shop.lecp…

Purchase Order Checkout

We have now launched checkout with Purchase Order. For larger orders, Business, Government and Schools who already have accounts with us and those who would like to, this service gives you the convenience of ordering with an approved purchase order only and allows you to shop easily, on your  and at your own convenience 24/7 all directly on our site.

If you have approvals to government, education or key customer pricing also, you'll have access to those prices real-time once logged in.

If you'd like to register for account terms with us, call 02 6584 4955.

Drones, HP Spectre, Microsoft Surface, BYOD

Schools and Government now have their own exclusive section on our website. HP Spectre is now available online, Phantom Drones and Microsoft Surface special pricing when logged in only. Plus other news items on Friday's Podcast edition.

HP Spectre Series Laptops available to order NOW!

The full range of these stunning precision laptops are now available on our website in all of their variations directly - i5 and i7 7th generation builds, 256GB, 512GB and 1Tb Builds with 8GB or 16GB RAM. See the full story here...

DJI Phantom 4 Available NOW

We've created a new section on our website specifically for Drones and offer a number of the very latest, and best Drones on the market - and all, of course, with free delivery nationwide. See the full story here...

BYOD Education Pricing now available at Leading Edge Port Macquarie

BYOD for Education now LIVE on our website BYOD allows schools / education to access Apple Education pricing. We now have this ability directly on our website as of this morning. Just click on the BYOD link once your school has been authorised and issued with a BYOD login. All you need to do if we have not already contacted you, is email us [ ] to have your school added and issued a BYOD code. From there, you can log in and easily access all of your Authorised Education Product at Apple Edu pricing on-line and in real time! Initially this is available to faculty at any authorised school or educational establishment with a purchase order. We're working with Apple to allow individual student purchases also which we will bring on-line very soon but I the meantime, if you would like to offer bulk purchasing to your students, that's no problem as long as it is submitted along with a. purchase order for this products. Remember, any questions, call Darren on 02 6…