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Christmas Giftorium here at LEC Port!

It's that time of year where the fun and festivity of Chrissy if often negated by the pressure of ' I have no idea what to buy you ' or leaving it so late, the gift you wanted is out of stock..

So, we try and alleviate the headache by doing the work for you.. the most awesome gift idea's from tech-land that are all crowdpleasers.. you can't go wrong.

You can drop by our store in Port Macquarie, or order online, anytime for fast, nationwide delivery.

BYOD Access. Education Pricing on Apple Product for your kids.

Education & BYOD - Its buying time.. Education Pricing for Students and Teachers. At Leading Edge Port, we work with many of our local schools to give parents and students access to special pricing on the technology they need - iPads, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro. Obviously, any saving that can be made on these purchases, especially ahead of a very expensive time of year, is generally well received! So, earlier this year, we built the BYOD section of our website that enables parents and students alike, to register themselves against their school to access this special pricing. It's quick, easy and painless. Firstly, you'll need your schools BYOD Code. Contact us for your schools BYOD Code. You can then register yourself against that school. Please note that your order can only be delivered to your school strictly. Click here to start with:

Watch 3 Cellular - First Use...

Out of the blue, we received our first Apple Watch 3 GPS + Cell - exciting stuff of course - very keen to give it a road-test in the real world, out fo the box it came. A super-easy setup in the same way as iPhone 8 and X.. just hold your previous device near it and your new Watch sets itself up as if by magic. So easy.

Everything works perfectly. Feels just a tiny bit heavier and thicker that the Watch 2. Of course, one thing we wanted to test out sooner rather than later was the Cellular part of this device and to see if you do not indeed need to hold the device near your face to talk... So, off we went. The first thing to note is it will always use your iPhone's cell connection if you are near it. Move away form iPhone and away from the same wireless network as your phone and Watch are on, and the Watch becomes itself... all independent!

Green bars appear on the face showing Cell strength - when you see them, you know you're using the Watch's Cell capability! No need fo…

iPhone X - We physically have 1!

Our first iPhone X arrived a few minutes ago... first thought.. gorgeous. Our resident Samsung addict is busy sulking as the iPhone X Strats to show off its talents. And straight off-the-block is the new setup assistant. Almost completely hands-free. IPX asks you if you have a current iPhone and if so move it close. That's it.

Facial recognition works perfectly... so far so good!

IPX configures itself literally.
A stunning screen and incredible design. We're hands on with it today at Leading Edge Port. Call if you want to order.