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MacBook Pro - Quad and 6-Core released!

Out of the blue, Apple have released a range of desktop class laptops that yet again set a new benchmark. The last MacBook Pro 13" and 15" Touch Bar were powerful... we now have a range of 13" with Quad Core processors and 15" with 6-Cores! That's a massive 12 Virtual Cores with Hyperthreading.. if you don't know what that means, fear not.

The new MacBook Pro's are exponentially faster than the previous.. all new Intel 8th Gen technology inside, far more powerful graphics, storage to a massive 4TB internally on SSD and RAM to 32GB. You can configure one of these new laptops to over $10k! - and we have them on the website and ready to order at a very special introductory price.

Check them out now!

Windows Install service for Mac

We've introduced our exclusive Windows Install Service for Mac.. a special option to enable you to order your Mac with Windows 10 Home or Pro pre-installed under either Bootcamp or Parallels.. The latter allows you to run Windows and MacOS at the same time on your Mac.

Our Windows Install Service, available on ALL Macs on the website, carefully installs Windows Home or Pro and all wWindows Updates plus Mac OS updates prior to delivery. When you receive your new Mac, it will be pre-loaded and ready to go in either environment.

Simply choose from the option you'd like when configuring your order on the website.
Note : A full version of Parallels is registered to your name under our Parallels install service and all Windows Install Services are supplied with a full version of Windows Home or Pro supplied boxed and on a USB Memory Key licensed to you.

Draytek Modems - Just Arrived

The jury is out on NBN - and will be for some time.. however, for those of your who are connected, we know that the problems can start there.. slow connections, poor performance, terrible customer service, blame games and very low quality modems supplied in most cases. You're paying for that connection regardless of the speed you're getting so why wouldn't you want to extract the absolutely maximum speed out of your connection? Well, that's an area you do have some control over. One thing that does make a difference is the quality of the modem you're using. We'd suggest that you retire the cheap, residential grade modem almost all Telco's are supplying and install a far better, commercial or business grade modem. In real-world tests, we were very surprised to see the Draytek Vigor series modems achieving 5-10% consistently faster speeds than even our previous favourites..