MacBook Pro - Quad and 6-Core released!

Out of the blue, Apple have released a range of desktop class laptops that yet again set a new benchmark. The last MacBook Pro 13" and 15" Touch Bar were powerful... we now have a range of 13" with Quad Core processors and 15" with 6-Cores! That's a massive 12 Virtual Cores with Hyperthreading.. if you don't know what that means, fear not.

The new MacBook Pro's are exponentially faster than the previous.. all new Intel 8th Gen technology inside, far more powerful graphics, storage to a massive 4TB internally on SSD and RAM to 32GB. You can configure one of these new laptops to over $10k! - and we have them on the website and ready to order at a very special introductory price.

Check them out now!


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