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Exclusive Apple Distribution EOFY Special on MacBook Pro

Released yesterday, a stunning limited offer on MacBook Pro. This offer will continue until stock is depleted.


A new virus similar to the last 'WannaCry' ransomware virus is doing the rounds today.. it's spread across Europe and expected to arrive in the U.S. today and will appear here imminently. Same as before, this one will lock your files on your PC or PC server - you'll have to pay $300 to unlock them. No confirmation this this as yet.  Simple advice, if you're a PC user, update your Anti-Virus right away and do not open emails and especially their attachments if you are not abolsutely sure of the authenticity of both the eMail and the attachments. Even if that attachments appears to be a .pdf, do not open it unless you're sure. If you're one of our managed customers you will already be protected and patched overnight so feel free to contact us if you're unsure.

Ultimate Builds are here.

We have a new section called Ultimate Builds on our website. We're specialists in what we do and we understand the needs of our clients plus comprehensively understand what is available from all new released products. So, each time new product is released, we will be putting together the best builds of the most popular models that save you even further. Your can find them in this section.

EOFY Invoicing - Relax!

Any orders made with us up to the end of FY can be invoiced within this Financial Year. Any web orders or phone orders will be treated in the same way so don't worry if you're cutting it a bit fine!

Friday - Managed Services and iMac

Check out our latest Podcast where we have a chat about Managed Services and what they mean plus some incredible deals exclusively at LEC Port - OKI network colour laser at under $400?! And iMac with up to 64GB RAM saving over $1300. CLICK HERE to Listen

Awesome Person Wanted!

WANTED : Awesome Person / Sales Assistant  Are you fun, well presented, motivated, reliable and lots of other good things that job advertisements usually ask for?! Do you have a good knowledge of Mac and PC or want to learn more and play with the latest devices all the time?  Well that's good. Let's talk! In return for your 'awesomeness', we offer a great working environment that's clean, fun and a team that loves to help. We pride ourselves on our knowledge here and give the very best professional advice around that separates us from our competition. We're not looking for someone who can sell ice to the Eskimo's. We're looking for a passionate, honest team player who empowers our customers with the right information that allows them to make their buying decision themselves, and to offer great advice whenever they need it. You don't need to be a rocket scientist, but if that line of work is boring you, we're sure we can offer something equally …

OKI Colour Laser MFP from under $400?

We couldn't believe it either. We have 10 available right now on our website. An outstanding office and small business network colour laser that will stand the test of time, plus, they are serviced and supported by us directly. Have a look here...

And, as a special additional bonus, order it on our website and enter voucher OKI20 at checkout to receive a further $30 discount! Offer valid until 30/6

Designed to maximise efficiency and performance, the A4 colour multifunction printer MC363dn saves time and budget. High Definition printing for professional, in-house documents is combined with duplex printing, scanning, copying and fax functions as standard.

Friday news via PodCast

Our weekly wrap up of all the latest news at Leading Edge Port Macquarie. iPad Pro, specials and a weekend online offer. - Check it out here.

New Macs - Caution when buying...

As is always the case when new releases happen, there's a time when some retailers try and sell overstocks as current new models. We've heard this a couple of times today on iMac. At some larger high street retailers.. in most cases, staff are not actually aware that there was a new model released last week - this will apply to all Mac's. So, be careful and ask - or better still just contact us.

On our website, if you add the Mac you want to your cart and then view the cart, you'll notice we show the Apple product code.. this defines exactly which model it is so feel free to use our site to make sure you're getting a current model. Or, better still, order from us where you will always get the very latest exactly as per the Apple website but at slightly better pricing.

See below - add your product to your cart on the website and you'll see the model number code.. This tells you EXACTLY what you're getting - and this is exactly the same as the Apple Australia…

Web Weekend Winner.

Login to our shiny new website here... . Check out our specials section ; buy any product in there [ limit one per customer ] and enter coupon code QBD2444 at checkout when prompted to receive an additional $50 off your invoice.

As always, there are t's&c's. This coupon can only be used once per customer - it will only eb available if you are logged in to the website.. This coupon expires on Monday at midnight.

MacPro gets 128GB Options

Thanks to new RAM technology, we are now able to offer 128Gb RAM builds for Mac Pro - all available on the website now. See them here and configure to your exact specification.

All iPhones now available online

We now have the full range of iPhone uploaded to our new website from SE through to 7 PLUS and everything in between..

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus now available online

You can now buy the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus on line.. Find them in our iPhone section here..

Lenovo X1 Carbon

The Lenovo X1 Carbon is Lenovo's flagship laptop. It has some incredible standard features to go with this very portable 14" IPS Full HD laptop with real power-user options up to i7 Processors, 1Tb of flash storage, 8GB RAM and optional Mobile Broadband connectivity for total independence.

The X1 Carbon is available now on our website and completely configurable. Plus of course, our pricing is a little better then Lenovo direct :-) Check them out here.

iMac 27" with 32 and 64GB RAM

Currently RAM pricing is not bad at all - and as a result, we are able to offer high-end builds of iMac with 32GB and 64GB RAM at incredible discounts. For example.

2017 Apple iMac 27" 3.4Ghz 32GB RAM Build : Apple Price $3659 Leading Edge $3071
2017 Apple iMac 27" 3.4Ghz 64GB RAM Build : Apple Price N/A Leading Edge $3520

2017 Apple iMac 27" 3.5Ghz 32Gb RAM Build : Apple Price $3959 Leading Edge $3390
2017 Apple iMac 27" 3.5Ghz 64GB RAM Build : Apple Price $5239 Leading Edge $3839

2017 Apple iMac 27" 3.8Ghz 32Gb RAM Build : Apple Price $4409 Leading Edge $3885
2017 Apple iMac 27" 3.8Ghz 64GB RAM Build : Apple Price $5689 Leading Edge $4334

Amazing savings with these builds at current RAM pricing. This pricing can change so take advantage whilst you can.

Lenovo Miix 510-12ISK Special

We have 5 left of these at an incredible on-off price. When they're gone they're gone.. Check them out here...

Specials and Ex-Demo

Keep a close eye on our website today as we liberate our Apple Demo stock after yesterday's announcements. These are 1 only items. Find them here in our Specials Section

iPhone 7 Coming Shortly

A number of products are being uploaded today to the new website including iPhone 7, Mac Mini and various specials and ex-demo Macs after yesterday's Apple updates. Check back here today as we get up to speed.


Available in December, Apple release the HomePod.. Probably the best device to be announced at WWDC 2017. This speaker boasts incredible sound technology and intelligently listens to you and its surroundings.. A fully interactive device powered by an A8 processor, the HomePod would be called the Siri Speaker if it wants for the huge amount additional things it can do. So, HomePod makes sense given that its tightly integrated with Apple HomeKit allowing you to control all manner of enabled devices remotely via your HomePod or Apple TV.

iMac Pro - A killer Mac.

Have a look at what iMac Pro is going to offer once available..Up to 18 Core Processing, 128Gb Radeon VEGA Graphics. I think Apple have a killer Mac right here. Specifications here and available on our website as soon as we have a release date and pricing  :

WWDC 2017

Apple WWDC 2017 as it happens... highly anticipated every year, 2017 is no different.

As always, there's a mix of presentations that discuss new technology, software, hardware and launch new products and give us the roadmap for the coming months.

Augmented Reality [ AR }
Apple have been working hard behind the scenes with some very clever technology, especially around Augmented Reality [ AR ] that although an alien concept to most allows us to see some pretty awesome stuff usually that is so life-like, it feels like it's really there... imagine a coffee table in your lounge for example.. a friend has come over and you happen to be into gaming or, you're designers and you want to look at a house or kitchen design in 3D right there in front of you - walk around it, see how the sun casts shadows across your designs in real-time etc. You can create a Virtual Reality existence on your table and have everything happening in your lounge room - rockets flying around, gun battles …

New Website Live

Coming later today...Welcome to our new website. This site is a highly customised site built on 10 years of customers' advice tailored to buying Apple and premium I.T. product. Please securely register on the site to enable all of its functions including rewards point accumulation, special pricing on various product categories and special pricing based on whether you're business, an Apple Key Customer, Education or Government. Check out where today's releases will be available once all of the part-codes and pricing have bene uploaded by our studious web-team!

Apple WWDC 2017

Apple and the upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference [ WWDC ] on June 5th. For those of you who don't know, WWDC is the time of year the Apple world starts to build to an absolute frenzy. Apple traditionally release and announce new product at this event. Highly anticipated globally, the event starts on June 5th [ U.S. Time with the main Keynote speech at 10am ]. The rumour mills as always are in full flight year 'round but reach fever pitch ahead of these events. We try and gauge what Apple are up to by closely watching stock levels on all of our Apple product lines and ensuring we are right on the pulse the moment new product is released so we are able to offer it. This year, we'll be faster than ever with new product codes available for you to order once the Apple Store lists them. Plus a run down here real time. - and we may have a shiny new website just in time! So, what do we expect. Well, if rumours are correct, a number of new MacBook Pro models have their part …