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Sphero and Apple Coding

Coding is one of those words that conjures up all sorts of horrible thoughts - usually... As the Aus curriculum has now changed making coding compulsory in schools, we all need to learn.. and it's not hard.

Using iPad 6, there's a very big world of beautiful and fun Apps out there to help you along the way.

Apple have curriculum aligned 'Learn to Code' programs available to all registered teachers who have registered on the Apple website.. easy to use, fun resources that allow kids [ and of course teachers ] to learn as they go using real-time Apps and hardware such as Sphero to actually engage you whilst you're learning to code seeing real results as they happen.

See the most popular Sphero products in Education here.

Epson Premium EcoTank and Expression Printers

We have just launched the gorgeous new range of Epson premium Photographic and Business Multi-Function InkJets. The new range is targeted at professionals in photography and imaging with incredible quality and features plus the new EcoTank range that no longer need expensive cartridges and are even supplied with 2 years of free ink.

The MFP Business range offer economy and quality to more than rival business grade Colour Lasers but at half the cost per sheet of Colour Lasers.

You can check them all out by clicking here..
Epson and OKI Business and Photo Printers / Scanners and MFP's

Expert Education Solutions. iPad, Coding & Procurement

iPad in education is becoming extremely popular with a huge drive for Apple to assist and integrate iPad into the curriculum and investing to that end.

Currently we have workshops travelling around the country. If you didnt manage to attend ours in NSW, there are others available so please do contact us here at LE Port Macquarie for dates.

The workshops were a great eye-opener for current Apple technology making understanding iPad in the classroom easy. The briefing was essentially hands on experience with some really neat Applications and learning tools for schools. There wasn’t much technical content as they were designed to give teachers hands on, understandable demonstration.

Perhaps the most important technology which was not really covered in any detail is Apple Classroom.. a completely immersive and captive way to engage students in an iPad environment giving the teacher total wireless control over what they’re seeing, doing, and with the ability to keep students on-task, share t…

Intel Gen 8, Lenovo X1, Smart Homes and more...

We now have the stunning X1 Carbon and X1 Yoga with Intel 8th Generation Quad Core Processors on display and in stock. We've also added some cool new sections to the website showcasing the latest in 8th generation laptops, smart homes and wireless music plus some incredible offerings from LaCie... see our new storage section.