Draytek Modems - Just Arrived

The jury is out on NBN - and will be for some time.. however, for those of your who are connected, we know that the problems can start there.. slow connections, poor performance, terrible customer service, blame games and very low quality modems supplied in most cases.
You're paying for that connection regardless of the speed you're getting so why wouldn't you want to extract the absolutely maximum speed out of your connection? Well, that's an area you do have some control over.
One thing that does make a difference is the quality of the modem you're using. We'd suggest that you retire the cheap, residential grade modem almost all Telco's are supplying and install a far better, commercial or business grade modem. In real-world tests, we were very surprised to see the Draytek Vigor series modems achieving 5-10% consistently faster speeds than even our previous favourites.. 


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