Apple Watch 4, iPhones Xs, Xs Max, Xr, Mojave and tvOS ATMOS

...As we sink into our sofa's listening to the mesmerising sound of Johnny Ives voice in his Phone presentation video, wanting to go straight back to bed with a Horlicks, were here to talk some tech stuff aren't we!

Apple Watch Series 4 Released

Watch 4 now features 40mm and 44mm Edge to Edge design - The digital crown now has Haptic feedback, and the GPS / Cell edition has a red ring around the crown now rather that the 'look at me' big reg dot splurged all over the end of it.

50m waterproofing now so even better than the series 3, plus good news, and very unlike Apple, your previous bands will fit the series 4! Nike have introduced a nice new reflective band also in this model to help you be better seen when working out under the cover of darkness... which usually implies you don't want to be seen anyway - still, safety first eh.

The internal speaker is now 50% louder which is great and the Mic has bene moved to improve on audio quality Apple say. The new Series 4 uses the new, you guessed it a 64 Bit S4 processor - Apple say this will make it up to 2 x faster in everyday tasks.

Amazingly, somehow, Apple have now included an ECG test on Watch 4. Not sure of the effectiveness of this if whether is will be accepted medically as a legitimate ECG test but either way, a good feature if it works!

Battery life pretty much the same as before.. $599 and $749 respectively for Watch 4 GPS and GPS + Cell - available to order on Friday.

iPhone Xr, Xs and Xs Max Released - most available Friday

iPhone Xr is released in Aircraft grade aluminium in a variety of colours... Edge to Edge and top to bottom screen. Protected to IP67 for dust and water. The most advanced LCD screen ever used in a smartphone... Of course, another trademarked term for this display - 6.1" Liquid Retina. 1823 x 828 at 326 PPI. So, a bigger display that an iPhone 8  plus in a smaller size. It has true-tone support in the same way as iPhone X.

The 10R has a multitude of sensors much in the same way as the iPhone 10. The 10R uses the A12 Bionic chip including real-time machine learning. The camera is a 12MP wide angle camera - a single camera in this case - the same used in the Xs and Xs Max. The clever background blurring looks great as it does withe iPhone 10. The same portrait modes are all supported in 10R.

Xr's battery gives you about 1.5 hours more battery than the iPhone 8 Plus.

Xs 5.8"and Xs 6.5" Max has an OLED Super-Retina display. Largest display ever on an iPhone of course. Stainless Steel construction. It introduces a new 'Gold' colour along wiht the most durable glass ever developed in a smartphone. A12 Bionic is a 4 Core GPU - Next Gen neural engine dedicated machine learning to all that you do. A more advanced dual camera is also introduced bettering all that in the iPhone X. Smart HDR acts across all of your images along with adjustable depth of field. 4K video even better along with stereo sound recording.

The range-wide application of smart HDR and especially machine learning allows your imagery to not only become even better than before but your phone is also capable of learning who subjects are.

USD $749 is the intro price for the Xr - October 19th is the order date. [ No Aus Pricing as yet ]
AUD $1628 is the iPhone Xs - available September 14th for order shipping a week later
AUD $1799 is the iPhone Xs Mac - available September 14th for order and shipping a week later.

iPhone 7 sees a drop to USB $449 iPhone 8 $499.

In other news...

HomePod. As we already know, Airplay 2 is now available and support stereo pairing in HomePod. tvOS is also about to get a Dolby ATMOS update enabling outstanding cinematic sound on TV 4K.

Mojave and tvOS are released next week and will be free of course.  Mojave will be available on 25/9 here in Aus.

Check our website for all the latest as always and first to market in Australia for new Apple product. So, spend wisely and see your money here in Australia by shopping with us!


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