WWDC - The Rundown.

LEC Port : Up and about at the fairly shiny hour of 2am today up on the North Coast of NSW, to ensure that LE Port have all the latest news and products available on our website ahead of anyone else. So, here's our summary of events.

3am AEST
Starting with a very 'App-Filled' splash screen suggesting a software oriented event which the rumour mills had a 50/50 chance of getting right ; so well done there.

Starts with a very cinematic opening - a kitch comparison of developers likened to migrating animals who pop up in their masses for the WWDC.. all prefaced by birds flying and a terrible landing of an Airbus at some airport in the U.S.

It goes on. Geeks proudly showing their passes - all in slow mo of course. Feeding frenzy commences as these apparent geeks have not eaten since the last WWDC and have just woken from their year long hybernation. Well, the voiceover wasn't David Attenborough, but we get the drift.

So, Tim Cook Apple CEO takes the stage and runs down the usual stats of visitors, developers.

App Store..
Turns 10 next month.
500,000,000 weekly visitors to the Apple App Store. This week, money earned though the App Store will top 100 Billion USD.

Coding. Should be offered by every School in the world - leads into the 'Everyone Can Code' Available on the Apple Teacher website which we've been running here recently at LEC Port.

Tim Cook states that today is 'all about software'.. with the Apple Store still open [ which usually it wouldn't be with a coming hardware release ] looks like we may not have any hardware - today at least...

Craig Federighi comes onto the stage with a mildly humorous entry introducing, of course, iOS12. Continues about the fast uptake of new OS's which is what Apple want. Has a crack at Android.. Only 6% of users have the latest OS. Compared to Apple, over 80% Customer satisfaction for iOS 11 @ 95%.

iOS12 will offer vastly increased performance. Focus on speed and responsiveness. iOS 12 will NOT make any device that is currently capable of running iOS11 vintage - if your device runs iOS11, iOS12 will be fine. They have focused on the oldest devices to improve those devices. Apps launch 40% faster, slide to take a photo up to 70% faster. Focus on optimising when under load. Apple saw across the board speed increases of a minimum of 2 x faster wth iOS12 on the oldest devices.

A lot of new Apps in iOS 12. Of course we start with A.R. - Augmented Reality.
Apple and Pixar have created a new file format for AR. Optimised for sharing and 3D graphics.. USDZ. Adobe have been right up there wiht Apple and AR.

Abhay Parasnis CTO and Exec VP of Adobe takes the stage.. Native USDX support to Adobe Creative Cloud. New iOS Application for Adobe enabling direct entry of Adobe media natively into ARKit..

Craig comes back to the stage. Introduces the new Measure App. Real time AR measurement. Very nice.. we have seen this already but not from Apple, so perhaps the guys who put the time in to create these awesome Apps have just been gzumped by Apple!

Craig heads back to USDZ after measuring a box he found in his house from his school days.. looks more like a neat bit clipart, but hey. He jumps onto the Fender website - showing you how you can configure a new guitar in real time then actually see it in a real environment in 3D. Works perfectly.. Nice.

ARKit - this is the tool that allows developers to create Augemented Reality Apps - Or rather ARKit 2. Better rendering, face-tracking and 'persistence'. In summary, AR is a lot of fun. A new App will be released today to give us a all a taste..

Lego Man from the U.K. takes to the stage and gives us an AR demo of a physical Lego Kit on a bench in front of them...The iPad then recognises this kit and automatically creates the world around it - all in real time. Characters [ Lego ] are active and 'doing their thing' in the Lego world. A bit of fun but demonstrates the power of ARKit and ARKit 2.

Craig back on stage. - Photos.
Photos search improved. Search for Cars, Dogs, Flowers. Search Suggestions is added to pre-empt searches you might want to use. Photos now indexes via event, so finding exact pictures in an ever increasing library is easy. A new tab appears called For You. Lots of new options within this tab.. have a play. Suggestions is quite neat and will collate some photos from an event you've been to and will create a mini collection of photos - you can then share them with appropriate friends who would be interested in that - perhaps they were there. And if they were, their phone will magically select their photos and suggest they are sent back - that way, you both have the full set of full-res photos!

Siri has a new icon. So she must be better.
Shortcuts in Siri - Make Siri smarter. You can teach Siri how to do more.. you can tie her into any app that supports shortcuts. You are able to create highly customised shortcuts to collect a number of actions - using the Shortcuts editor, you can drag and drop steps to easily. A demo of shortcuts in the real world.. basically a super-charged scheduler. Works well but may make the odd person feel a little concerned about how much Siri knows about you and further question the integrity of their data given recent bank and high level corporate breaches here in Aus at least...[ I should say not Apple here ]

3.39am. Apple included Apps update.
Apple News. Updated with a new interface to make the news easier to navigate.
Stocks. Apple News is coming to stocks.. not sure why that's cool?! Anyway, all created by Apple news editors. Stocks also coming to iPad.
Voice Memos. Easier to use so they say.. Voice Memos is coming to iPad also. iCloud support so all recordings are in Sync.
iBooks. Is now Apple Books. Poor letter 'i'. It's been used and abused and now discarded :-(
CarPlay. CarPlay also supports 3rd party navigation. Yay to 3rd Parties!

Back to Craig.
Focuses on distraction and the issue of too much information. New features in iOS12 to limit distractions. Do Not Disturb at Bedtime.. a new system that basically makes your phone really not disturb you. But hey, why not just NOT take your phone to bed?

Group Notifications. 
Instead of seeing multiple individual notifications, they can now be grouped.. You can also swipe away multiple notifications in one hit.

Screen Time. 
Your iOS Device will send you a weekly report to tell you what you've bene up to on your iOS Device.. That might scare a few people into a reality check! Powerful marketing data for sure, let's hope this information is never compromised! It will send you reminders to say hey, you've spent more than your usual daily limit on Instagram for example.. Handy for parents... This notification can be sent from your kids' phones / iPads to your phone.. you can then manage what they do on their device from yours.. limit the time they use certain Apps.. you can give them limited access to whatever you like..

Messages. Emojis. A bit of fun for those who are into Emojis - with new Animoji's with 'tongue detection'. Craig intros some new Emoji's. Introduces Memoji. Your very own personalised Emoji's.. Whyyyyyy?!!! Yes it's fun, but, er pointless and not exactly worthy of a keynote speech?! Oh well. A real time demo of making a fun Memoji follows. You can create it and then save it for use the you'd rather no-one sees how you actually look.

A neat demo of applying the Memoji - you can actually use stickers and Memoji on screen in real-time until you're happy then snap the shot and post it.. Cool [ ish ].

Group FaceTime has landed.  Group FaceTime up to 32 people! FaceTime now integrated into Messages so it's really easy to go video-chat from messages.. I expect you can probably use your Memoji in place of you if you're hungover or have a face issues you'd rather not share... We'll get back to you on that. Demo of multi-person FaceTime. Works well. And yes, you can use your Memoji's or Animoji's. All included in iOS12.

Apple Watch
Tim Cook back on stage. Apple Watch #1 for customer satisfaction each year since 2015 release. 60% growth last year. Introduces Watch OS5.

So, what's different...
Focus on Activity. Data is incredibly accurate and based on the largest data set every studied ensuring Apple Watch measurements are more accurate than any other. Watch OS5 introduces competitions...  compete with your friends and/or enemies in week-long competitions.
Yoga workout activity tracking your heart rate.
Hiking is added more accurately measuring elevation, heart rate and understanding what hiking is about..
Updates to running - better metrics and introduction of Cadence
Auto Workout detection. Apple Watch now automatically starts your measurements if you forget. It also gives you alerts if you're going so hard you're likely to die. Which is nice.
Walkie Talkie.. Neat App that operates just like a real WT. Uses cellular or WiFi - which is a problem of course so where it would be useful - camping etc.. it won't work. Sigh.
New Watch Faces introduced of course. Siri Shortcuts also available in Watch OS5. Start your various scenes straight from your Watch.
3rd Party Apps can be used on the Siri Watch face giving you control over what you have on your Watch.
No need to say Hey Sri all the time.. if you raise your wrist, Hey Siri is activated.
Better Message notifications. You can now see web content in mail or messages. Limited and suited to Watch screen size but neat none-the-less.
Music. 48 Million songs available on your wrist. In Watch OS5 we'll now have PodCast Apps.
Demo of Gymkit on an exercise bike. - Activity competitions - looks really good and very motivating. Much like Strava has done for ages, Apple have put their spin on it and of course tied it in seamlessly with all of the available tech in the Watch. Demo carries on with a largely irrelevant demo of lots of other iOS features whilst the exercise lady is, er, exercising - a bit.
Pride Bands introduced in WatchOS5 along with a nice new face. Available Today [ Noon PDT ]

Back to Tim Cook.
Apple TV. Apple TV Business has grown 50% in the last year.
tvOS. iTunes offers the largest collection of 4K HDR Movies. Any purchased movies have been upgraded to 4K free.
Apple TV4K now with Dolby ATMOS. For those who know about it, cool. For those who don't ATMOS offers room-filling sound. Unlike traditional surround sounds, ATMOS moves sounds in 3D space for the most immersive experience in Dolby VISON and Dolby ATMOS. - The only device completely Dolby Studios certified.
Live News and Live Sports - more availability - probably U.S. only but then we have Freeview here so we're starting to achieve the same thing along with individual channel providers Apps already available.
Canal+ in France are now offering the French Open in 4K via Apple TV... I think that makes it the first live streaming mainstream sports broadcast in 4K - something that is only financially achievable via the internet due incredible cost or terrestrial or satellite broadcast of even HD.
Apple have introduced Zero-Sign-On automatically unlocking all authorised Apps from a particular broadcaster rather than the continual need to sign in. Again, this doesn't appear to be anything we can use here - yet.
Aerials. New 4K imagery streamed to your Apple TV including Earth. Shot from the ISS you can orbit the planet in 4K HDR. Neat.

Mac OS
Tim Cook gets into Mac.. ooh, what's coming?
macOS 10.14 of course. What will it be called? - A bit of comedy about how Apple name their OS's. In 10.14, we're out of the mountains and into the desert - Mojave.
Craig now talks about a new side of Mojave. Dark Mode. Brings a much nicer 'dark' mode for everything. Far better for creative professionals.
Dynamic Desktop. Mojave uses related times of the day to change your background based on the time of day - if you like that.
Desktop Stacks are neat - for those who store all of their stuff on their desktop.. which really, you shouldn't.. but if you do, Stacks is for you - wasn't Stacks available back in Mac OS 6?!
Finder. A new view is available. Gallery View. Big Previews.. great for photos and video. Sidebar support full meta-data just like photo's, Aperture and the like. Quick actions available.. you have good control of the image in Finder rather than having to open the related App.
Quick PDF control - create and email them so easily. Quick Watermark action to watermark a presentation of photos directly from the Finder is a very power tool..
Screenshots. More powerful than ever. Best to play with this and learn. Access to your screenshot much faster than before plus direct access to markup.
Screenshot Tools now have access to screen recording.
Continuity Camera. Real neat integration between the Mac and your phone. If you have a placeholder in a document on your Mac, continuity will automatically fire up your phones camera to take a shot and place it in your document. Nice.
Apps. News in available now on the Mac. Muted applause for that one.
Home. Enabling you to build and edit your HomeKit scenes for all of your Home Automation.
Security. Apple are committed to security and privacy and committed to keeping your data private - absolutely. Apple have extended protections to your camera, microphone, backups and more to further ensure privacy.
Safari. Intelligent tracking prevention. Safari is excellent at stopping sites tracking you. Apple have shut down Like tracking as this poses a real threat to you and your information. A real punch in the face to Facebook and others who use this data to market profile you and bombard you with 'relevant' Adds as they call it.
Mojave has made it incredibly hard for your device to appear individualised on the internet - your Mojave Mac looks the same as any other to the internet making it incredibly hard for marketing companies to profile you.
The AppStore. An all new AppStore has been designed from the ground up. A new Discover Tab. A new way of viewing Apps and discover new ones. Create Work Develop and Play Tabs. The new store has a familiar interface that most will be comfortable with. Much better ratings and reviews are now incorporated.
And. Office 365 is coming to the AppStore later this year. Adobe Lightroom CC, BBEdit and Panic Transmit.

iOS, Metal and Machine Learning
Craig continues with more on iOS and Metal [ graphics architecture that is designed to take full advantage of GPU's ]. Support for External GPU's [ eGPU ]. Demo of a MacBook live rendering with an eGPU.

Goes on to talk about Machine Learning. A targeted area for developers so we won't talk about it much here suffice to say that the technology for those who can use it [ and this applies to schools and compulsory coding in curriculums here of course ] is quite amazing.

And just at the end of things...
5.10am And Tim Back on the stage.. looks like we're not getting new Macs yet.. but we will soon, don't worry. and when we do, they'll be right here the moment they're released.

Tim sums things up. Updates will all be available in Spring which is disappointing. Usually, we'd expect something to be available now, but it's not. If you're a developer, you will have access to Beta releases now.

And we finish we a video about 'coding'.. kind of dismissing the idea that it's hard in exactly the same way as our current workshops and those that Apple have been running. A very patriotic score and lots of people in all age groups chat about the changes Apps make to lives.

And that's the end of WWDC 2018 Keynote!


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