WWDC : 10 Hours Way

All of the news from the World Wide Developers Conference - ( the good stuff without the fluff ) ill be posted here tomorrow.

As always, we'll be here I the office at 2.45am to find out what we have. New release Macs? Software, iOS etc for sure - but what we really need is an update on a number of lines plus some direction on Mac Mini, MacBook and MacBook Air perhaps?

That said, MacPro has been neglected since 2014 and Intel have their 8th gen processors out now and in to most mainline PC's already.. Apple will of course follow and adopt them, you'd think, but when that is who knows!

There seems to be some chatter around HomePod / AirPods and all things audio.. no doubt we'll hear more about that tomorrow. Stay tuned. It'll all be here.

If there's new product, it'll be on our site by the time you're up and about - so support us and buy from us.. we work hard to have these products online right away!


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