MacBook Pro - Nationwide Price Slash

We've done the research and today we're happy to announce the very best pricing available from an Apple Authorised Australian dealership in the country.

We're doing this to give you a viable option for big savings and to deter you from buying from Grey importers such as Kogan who are not authorised to sell Apple product importing their units for overseas. This not only damages Australian business but means you're not covered by Australian Consumer Law. We'd prefer, as we're sure you would, that your payment stays in Australia and supports Australian business.

In our case, we are required to invest big money into maintaining our industry qualifications and dealer authorisation by contract with Apple. Non-Authirised dealers ignore all of these obligations exploiting loopholes in international law and supplier contracts.

Depending on your response to our pricing, they may be here to stay but certainly until the end of June! So, let's see some solid support!


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