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Happy Christmas - Opening Times

And New Year to all. Thanks heaps for your support in 2017 - we very much look forward to helping you out into 2018. Our store is closed from 22nd [ today ] through to the 2nd January when we'll be re-open business as usual.

During this time, the website, orders and deliveries will continue as normal so feel free to shop and browse online at

The team @ Leading Edge Port Macquarie

iMac Pro - Available Now.

The most powerful iMac ever released - by a very, very long way. This iMac is not only amazing to look at but brings the power of multiple super-computers to the desktop. Housed. in the beautiful super-slim chassis iMac is revered for, this stealth model hides technology never before seen on the desktop.

Processor options to 18 Core Xeon W Processors, 128GB 2666Mhz RAM, 4TB SSD and Radeon VEGA 56 or 64 Graphics.

Exclusively here at LEC Port Macquarie, our range or Care Pack and Windows Install option are available on iMac Pro to allow you to run your Windows applications at speeds never before seen as well as giving you the most powerful graphics workstation ever seen.

If you're in video, film, broadcast, audio, engineering, science, CAD, research or mathematics, this Mac is the tool you've been waiting for. Talk to us here - people who actually know what you do in your industry and are highly trained to give you the very best advice the country has to offer on these incredibl…

iPhone X ETA's, Christmas Gift Ideas and Opening

The latest on iPhone X seems to show ETA's now at around the 15/12 mark. We have a lot on order and due their delays, mostly have been cancelled by our customers leaving them available to you! So, if you'd like an X, now is a greta time to order with us.

Our Christmas gift ideas keep getting better and better! We have an amazing selection of gifts, in stock, from Apple Watch 3 through a whole range of premium audio gear everyone wants from Spout, Apple and Beats. Waterproof speakers, bluetooth portable keyboards, portable power banks [ a must for your camping trip! ] and all sorts of must-have tech.

We have Drones from DJI - and parts for when you inevitably lodge yours in a tree or solid object! - and we have advice and support from people who actually use them.

Virtual Reality - if VR is your thing, then chat to us as we have some amazing VR tech here using the latest from HTC and MSI to take you into whatever world you want.

Opening. Our website is open for orders and shipp…