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iPhone 8 Official Release

The keynote has now been announced by Apple of September 8th where the new iPhone 8 will be announced. If you're interested, jump onto our website to register your interest.

iPhone 8 - 12th September

It seems to be official! The highly anticipated iPhone 8 is due to be set free on September 12th. Register your interest on our website now so we can give you all options on the day of release if you're wanting to secure an order for the first shipments of iPhone 8.

Last Minute Deal - 15" MacBook Pro Touchbar!

The very last stock in Australia and at this price, you NEED to consider this deal. We have secured a very limited number of the final MLW72X/A MacBook Pro 15" TouchBar 2.6Ghz i7 Quad Core with 256GB Flash and 16GB RAM. We expect them to be sold out mid week at current demand.

The very last of this amazing Apple Distribution Special. This model is one of those that represents an enormous saving on the minor changes made to the very latest model. Model MLW72X/A we have at only $2875 is the Touchbar 15" MacBook Pro with 16GB RAM, 256GB Flash and 2.6GHz i7 Quad Core Processor. 

The current equivalent is $3334 on our website so this model is un-missable. Once they're gone they're gone. So share this with your friends now. They'll be very happy you did.

Buy one now right here. No limit to numbers other than stock.

iPhone 8, HomePod, iMac Pro.. register your interest NOW!

What's coming? Quite a lot and we're never really sure when with Apple! What we do know, is that when the official release happens, we will be first past the post nationwide to process your orders and as such we're poised!  iPhone 8 in September HomePod in December iMac Pro in December Register your interest from now with a pre-order. There's no commitment, it just allows us to accurately assess demand and therefore submit our orders the very moment product codes are released.

LEC Custom PC Desktops available NOW!

Our very latest generation custom desktop PC's are available now. We use the finest components to build a small but very effective range of PC's aimed at basic office and home use for anyone on a budget through to the highest demand professional XEON systems for heavy gaming, design and graphics.

Some come bundles with screens, some with dual SSD and Hard Drives and others all of the above plus exceptionally powerful graphics. We have the perfect PC for you and all backed up with a 3 year warranty for your peace of mind. See them all here.

iPhone 8 - Register your interest with us now!

As we always try and do ahead of big releases, we assess interest ahead of time so we can be the first to order these in. As soon as the product codes are available, we'll have iPhone 8 here first. Those who have a pre-order / expression of interest registered will be allocated the first against our first order.

As the specifications are not yet released, it doesn't matter which one your select, we'll contact you the very second they are released and update our order with Apple at the moment of official release ensuring we get the very first stocks.


This week's news...

Another big one that we intended to Podcast - however, our Podcast Pod-Jock Darren had almost no voice so that limited things! Once he's fixed, we'll record it!

This week we've seen some large movements in MacBook Air and MacBook Pro as a result of our AppleCare + Backup promotions. So, we've ordered a lot more to satisfy demand. Order on the website or in-store to tale advantage. There's no time limit at this stage as long as stock is good.

Interest Free Options. If you're a GE customer, we are now able to offer up to 24 Months interest free on most purchases above $1000. You can order via the website 24/7 or just call 02 6584 4955 anytime weekdays.

NBN Solutions. We've also launched a new section of the website we'll be adding to with our pick of the very best NBN / VDSL / VPN / 4G LTE modem/ routers to help you get far more out of your internet service.

Quotations. We have now introduced quotations on the website. You can shop, add to your cart and the…